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Swami S. Tirtha is a #1 bestselling author who has presented to White House Commission on alternative medicine. His speaking clients include top medical universities including Johns Hopkins. He has more than four decades teaching wellness & consciousness.
He his a ‘Joy Expert’ emphasizing instant breakthroughs in wellness and energy, creativity, vision, and communication skills that empower leaders and employees to improve all aspects of their lives. Swami Tirtha also teaches meditation for business and personal growth.
Expertise: Personal Development for Business Success. Swami’s intuitive focus helps businesses increase a triple-win bottomline: people, planet & profit through increasing inner joy.
Personal Development for College Student Success. Instantly relieving the stresses of modern college life.


About Swami Sadashiva Tirtha (Swamiji)

Somewhere around 4th grade I began getting recurring, disturbing dreams about having different sets of parents.  Over the years the dreams shifted, but always about being separated from my parents. Then when I was around 17 years old, while my family were out driving, my vision went black and began to swirl. I began to cry and begged my parents I didn’t want them to die. Shortly after that they died in a car accident.
Back then I was not aware of the terms ‘psychic’ or ‘medium’, but I was sure this ‘knowing’ was not anything I wanted — if I couldn’t do anything to improve the situation why know about it. But after my parent’s passing, the silver lining was that I had the freedom and curiosity to find out how I knew these things and who was telling me my future?
My search led to practicing meditation and becoming a TM meditation teacher; then later an Ayurvedic practitioner. The more I learned ways to help others, the more I allowed myself to use my intuition to help; I snuck it in without telling anyone.
In 1988 I visited India for the first time — a totally new world experience for me — where I met a man who became Guru, Swami Narayan Tirtha. During my second visit in 1990, spending time with him in his Himalayan ashram, my Guru recognized me as a monk (swami). Later, I felt to honor my guru for all he had done for my spiritual life, I changed my name legally to Swami Sadashiva Tirtha. Over this time I founded the Ayurveda Holistic Center and creted an Ayurveda certification school on Long Island, NY.
In 2007 spirit guided me to move upstate NY to the bucolic dairy land near Oneonta. Then in 2010 I earned a scholarship to visit the Amazon rainforest where two shamans there told me I was a natural born shaman and healer. During ceremony there spirit introduced me to what I called ‘instant healing through the heart‘, and I’ve  been offering and honing ‘instant healings’ to individuals and groups ever since.
In the spring of 2016, after several omens (an owl visiting me twice during the day, and watching a psychic medium show where I saw mediumship readings were healing people’s hearts instantly, for the second time in my life I had that same vision where everything went black and swirled. It was the same spirit that told me my parent were going to die. This time it said, ‘now you may go deeper in your mediumship.’ It felt like rarified air and I rushed to enroll in advanced mediumship classes at the esteemed Lilydale Assembly in NY and studied with some of the top mediums in the world.
Just one year later, this past Spring, the Native American Shaman spirits on my property showed me they are finally ready to share the secrets of the land with others and invited me to offer shamanic nature adventures on the property. The goal of these experiences are for people to learn to align with nature and spirit and so align with themselves. The benefits of these experiences are heightened self-worth, improved wellness, peace, joy, compassion, communication skills, and visionary leadership habits.
As enough people live in wellness, joy & compassion, this brings the grassroots growth of world peace.

Swamiji Offers

Beginner Meditation with advanced results

After 4+ decades since first beginning meditation training I have been guided to teach a unique form of meditation that anyone can do. This is not your father’s meditation — feel results in seconds; sit quietly or meditate on the go — at home or work — release/refresh/succeed. No need to push thoughts out of your mind (yay!). See results within yourself and in situations with others in seconds.

 Shaman Nature Adventures

2-hour, weekend, and week-long experiences at my Peace & Paradise Farm. Instantly feel your connection with the earth & cosmic energies sitting in a tipi;  journeying to retrieve lost parts of your soul; discovering your animal totem, spirit guide, and much more. Great day trips and weekend getaways for city folks; Communication & Leadership development for studets/scouts, and executives/entrepreneurs.



In addition to being a natural-born medium, I am also a ‘certified Advanced Psychic Medium‘ through Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. I offer group mediumship sessions locally, online, and in your community.

To truly hone my gifts I took many advanced evidential mediumship programs with Lisa and other top mediums from Lily Dale and Arthur Findlay College including Tony Stockwell, James Van Praagh, Janet Nohavec, and Sharon Klingler; and I also studied Trance Mediumship with Tony Stockwell.



I have presented to the White House Commission on Complementary & Alternative Medicine Policy & has spoken to medical colleges around the globe including Johns Hopkins University. Also I have taught my beginner meditation course at the esteemed LilyDale in July 2017.
The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau was excited to include me on their roster of ‘In Demand’ speakers because of my background and my ability to speak on several topics across different audiences.


I wrote a number of books including an Amazon #1 bestseller, The Ayurveda Encyclopedia (30,000+ copies in print), Bhagavad Gita for Modern TimesThe Stress-Free College Student, 21 Days of Joy, and the Ayurveda Primer.



I feel my life calling is to share light, love & joy with people around the world and make help them live a more bright, joyful, and purposeful life (growing in enlightenment). As people grow in love & light & joy, world peace grows as well.

Swamiji’s Books

The Ayurveda Encyclopedia

The Ayurveda Encyclopedia

Amazon #1 best seller in its category. 30,000+ copies in print. Referred to as the ‘Bible of Ayurveda’ – covering herbs, foods, aromatherapy, color therapy, music therapy, mantras & yoga, and thousands of health conditions for people & pets.

The Stress-Free College Student

Bryant University lists this book along side their Pinterest “50 Books that Changed the World”

Bhagavad Gita for Modern Times

New commentary of Krishna’s universal wisdom using examples from our daily life so the teaching is more relatable


21 Days of Joy

21 Cartoons & Tips — one for each day. Science has found when we repeat a new pattern for 21 days it creates new neural pathways. Spend a joyful 21 days reading this book and discover your more joyful life! Swami Sadashiva Tirtha, D.Sc.

Ayurveda Primer

The easy way to understand this wellness system. Tailored suggestions for each person. Nurtures & loves you back to balance & wellness. Included: the most commonly asked questions, easy meditation exercises, constituition test & personal food plans, colors, aromas, massage; pet therapy; scientific studies & case studies; more.

Giving Back

Swamiji donates a portion of his earnings to support organizations including Kiva.org who helps global entrepreneurs make a life for themselves and their families.