Schedule Readings

Schedule Readings

Individual sessions Fri, Sat1-3pm & 7-8 pm

If you need a session at a time other than those listed, contact us and we’ll find a time that suits you.

If you wish to book on the day of an appointment the hours may be blocked out; if so, call or email to see if there are any openings available.

1/2 hour Psychic Medium Sessions $100

1 hour Psychic Medium Sessions $200iFrameResize({}, ‘.sb-iframe’);

Contact us to Schedule your Group Event

At Swamiji’s farm, at your school, center, corporate event, or home party

Mediumship Demonstration

Beginners’ Meditation Workshop

Find Your Spirit Guide Workshop

Psychic Kids & Parents Day Camp

Past Life Regression

Intro to Ayurveda Wellness Lifestyles

Shaman LeadershipNature Adventures

Find Your Animal Totem


Soul Retrieval/Shamanic Journeying

Father Sky Connection (Galactic Ancestors)

Mother Earth Connection

Celebration Event

Shaman Horse Adventures