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 Swamiji has written

Ayurveda Encyclopedia an Amazon #1 bestseller in its category 30,000 copies in print The ‘bible’ of Ayurveda 657 pages (8.5 x 11″) Available as a book & ebook

An easy-to-understand Gita commentary because it uses examples from our daily life to explain Krishna’s universal wisdom Available as a book & ebook

 Instant tips to reduce stress at college or at work. More like Pinterest on paper than a book — Covers the top causes of college stress — with related cartoons, quotes, photos, tips, and success stories from people at college who relieved their stress using natural tools. Bryant University’s Pinterest page lists this book next to their Books that Changed the World Available as a book & ebook

 Science tells us that if we start a new habit and follow it for 21 days, we create new neural pathways in our brain, making the habit automatic. In this book there are 21 daily tips to follow to bring more joy into your heart. Each tip has a delightful cartoon illustrating the tip. Simply read the tip and think about it/apply it throughout the day and see how much more joy you discover in your life that you didn’t realize existed before. Available as a book & ebook

 The most common questions asked Swamiji over the decades answered simply and clearly. Answers at your fingertips – very helpful for Ayurveda practitioners too. Food plans, the best herbs for health conditions. Scientific herb research. Case studies on miracle healings. Aromatherapy & color therapy. Fun games – guided meditations for beginners. Much more. Initially this book was only available for Swamiji’s Ayurveda certification students. He has made it available to everyone now. Available as a book & ebook