Psychic Kids, Parents Day Camp

Psychic Kids and Parents Day Camp

Psychic Kids and Parents Day Camp

Join Swamiji as he helps address key issues psychic-sensitive kids and their parent have: health, attention, school, & developing their gifts.


 The 3-hour Psychic Kids and Parents Day Camp topics fall into three areas:

a) healthy foundations for developing psychic skills & quality of life;

b) improving socializing between kids and their parents & also their peers 

c) playing games that develop psychic gifts and bond parents with their kids.

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Are Your Kids Gifted?

These days our kids’ so-called “gifts” — may seem to be labeled as “trouble” (eg, attention deficit, behavior issues) or simply just thought of as “different”.

During the past 4 decades I have worked with children’s health, behavioral, and school issues by offering natural health alternatives.

Research is finding that certain foods (especially junk foods) are causing our psychic-sensitive kids (and adults) real behavioral, health, and attention issues.

By addressing the kids’ simple health tips we create a foundation of wellness so they feel, socialize, and study better.

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Are Your Kid’s Psychic-Sensitive?

Aside from the healthy foods, other psychic sensitivities affect the children and they fall into 3 categories:

1. Feeling Different Socially (family/friends/classmates not accept/fear their gifts)

2. Getting Uncomfortable Psychic Contacts (or simply questioning what is happening)

We spend this portion of the camp addressing kids’/parents’ concerns and offering ways to bring peace, love, and wisdom to each family.

3. Higher Visions for world peace, divine love, and cooperation (instead of competition). Many of the children today are being born with missions to help make the world a better place and have come with the solutions (at least in seed form) how to create paradise on earth.

The challenge is the culture is not yet able to accept a new paradigm even as the old industrial model has become obsolete. This portion of the day explores & acknowledges their gifts and share how they can work more cooperatively than competitively.

we cover topics like protection, energy, grounding, visions, ascended masters; and discuss gems, auras, aromatherapy, chakras, color therapy, angels, astrology, and more

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 Who Want to Play Psychic Development Games!

Now the fun begins.

Once we have given each family the Psychic-Sensitive Success Manual tips we can now focus on playing and developing everyone’s gifts.

Even science is finding that play is the best way to learn things (as if we needed them to tell us this — Candy Crush anyone – lol).

Some games develop psychic gifts, some help us understand how people are different and how to best communicate with different personalities, and all should bring a lot of…