Shaman Nature Adventures OLD

Shaman Nature Adventures

Day Camp, Immersions, Excursions

Reconnect with nature — Reconnect with yourself.

Experience a deeper harmony with nature that brings a feeling of connectedness, and greater peace and joy in your life. Discover a bucolic sanctuary nestled among the bucolic dairy farms of Otsego County.

Various Shamanic workshops allow you to find your place in nature and feel a part of something greater than yourself. Discover how easy it is to hear yourself and others when you realize nature is hears your every thought and dream. Awaken to your innermost visions and feel your energy flow and surge.

Shamanic Nature Adventures allow you to discover more self-worth and become more of the person you always dreamed you can be.


Daily journeys include

a) Finding your animal totem guide

b) Soul retrieval to reconnect lost parts of your soul from past traumatic events

c) Shapeshifting — gaining insights and wisdom from the wildlife and nature energies

d) Connecting with Mother Earth (Gaia or Pacha Mama) and gain personal messages from the land, water, trees, wind, and rocks

e) Connecting with Father Sky — the star clusters and planets

f) new & full moon celebrations — music, dance, sharing gratitude & setting intentions for the next month

g) beginner meditation course with advanced results — no need to push thoughts out of your mind; Discover how to meditate at home/work — with beneficial results in mere seconds.

Journeys designed by natural-born shaman, healer, and intuitive medium/channeler; and monk, with 4+ decades offering.

Easy Getaway from NYC

20 minutes from Oneonta1 hour from Andes, & Binghamton NY1.5 hrs from Wyndham/Hunter & Albany NY2 hrs from Scranton PA3 hrs from GW Bridge4.5 hrs from Ottawa5 hrs from Toronto/Quebec

Reconnect with nature — reconnect with yourself.

Experience a deeper harmony with nature in this bucolic sanctuary. Feel more connected — more peace, and joy.

Various Shamanic explorations allow you to find more connection to your life, self-worth, and what matters most in your life.

Discover your dreams, awaken your innermost visions, feel your energy rise, and your heart restored.

Shamanic Nature Retreat — return home refreshed, with a new outlook on life

Discover Your Animal Totem

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