Healthy Food Tour & Lunch

Sat Jan 14 – Food Tour & Lunch at Green Earth ($15)

Swamiji makes shopping at the health food store fun and natural (no longer intimidating).

He takes you on a tour of the foods & shares some simple shopping tips to quickly feel healthier and happier. Discover which foods bring quick health and which cause the mind-body blahs, & illness.

Next enjoy a delicious healthy meal prepared by the Green Earth chefs & we get to chat some more about living a healthier, happier life – healing & prevention.

11am-12 noon @ Green Earth 4 Market St.

Healthy Food Tour & Lunch eTicketHealthy Food Tour & Lunch eTicketSwamiji takes you on a tour and answers your questions about basic ways to feel healthier, more energetic, and happier by eating healthier foods. The tour concludes with a delicious healthy lunch prepared by the Green Earth chefs. Instructions: Price: $15.00Price: $30.00