Evidential Mediumship

Evidential Mediumship

Why people come for evidential mediumship readings

Firstly, evidential mediumship provides very strong information (evidence) from loved ones that they are really talking to you.
The information they share only you would know (eg, name, memory from childhood, something you’ve done recently that they know).
Once you hear this information you know for sure there is a real connection..
And this is when amazing things happen for you.

Connecting to your
— Loved ones can help heal your heart when you have direct experience/proof that life continues after the body dies

—Healer Guides (can include an ascended guide or pet)

— Angels (for all sorts of life issues from grief to memory to healing, broken heart/grief, protection, inspiration etc.)

— Ascended Masters (helping you realize your life’s mission)
Contact Swamiji for group (home/event) mediumship or individual sessions.

Swamiji offers group sessions and 1-on-1 sessions: 

  • Evidential mediumship 
  • Beginner’s meditation (with advanced results): Everyone Can Meditate!
  • Find your spirit guide

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Swamiji is a monk who offers spiritual insights.
Readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are not intended to replace medical, financial, or psychological advice.
Everyone is expected to exercise their free will and common sense during and after readings.