Shaman Land Tour part 1 of 4

Shaman Nature Adventures For: Tourists [Families/Couples] (Day trips, weekend immersion & week-long transformational experiences — relax/refresh/renew! return home more in love with yourself and with more energy to create your dreams) Scouts (Camping, Indigenous stories & games, Building projects: all building communication & leadership skills) Entrepreneurs (Align your heart with nature and find your visions…

Swamiji Interviewed by Magic Brad SynergyCafe

Swamiji Interviewed by Magic Brad SynergyCafe

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Meditation for Beginner Free 61-Day Video Course

Meditation for Beginner Free Video Course  Daily meditations  for a better life. After 40 years of teaching meditation I have created an easy-to-follow meditation course for instant energy & healing through the heart. Everyone can meditate!Organize a course at your location or online — gather your family, friends, and colleagues and arrange for Swamiji to teach…