Platform Mediumship Demo Webinar

Platform Mediumship Demo Webinar

International Event  Everyone Can Attend!

Bringing spirit through the ethers of the web.

Spirit has just brought this idea to me this morning.We all love group mediumship events, but it is sometimes difficult to find them locally.
I have the idea to hold a global event where folks can come online for the event. There are many different ways to give group readings and I can try them all to see which works best (or if they all work equally well).
If you have a video camera on your computer, tablet, or smart phone you could be seen and ask questions and respond to me as I do a reading for you. Webinars are becoming more prevalent and so why not try a mediumship webinar to see how it goes.
For those who like this idea, I’ve included a survey below. Let me know the day, times and country you are in (& time zone if you have more than one time zone in your country). So an example would look like this (eg, from 9am -12pm ET USA Wednesdays)
This is just a survey  – you are not committing to anything nor do you need to pay anything now. If I find enough people for a particular time and day I will then schedule a platform mediumship session.
How do group mediumship sessions work?For those who are new to this, I try to get to as many people in the audience as possible, and it is not possible to get to everyone. Still the healing messages are healing for all people and everyone feels better from group mediumship.
What is the cost of an online group mediumship?Since it is online and there is no hall to book, the price can come down significantly. Instead of $50 US and up for tickets, I feel the price of a ticket can be around $15 US as an introductory offer.
Also send any suggestions you have for the event


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