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Swami’s speaking topics include:

Beginner’s Meditation

Discover Swami’s unique meditation method that anyone can experience — feel results in 60 seconds or less. Half-day seminars address stress & emotional release; physical conditions, feeling purpose, connection to self and others, Mediation for successful leadership & company goals. Release stress & discover root issues of emotional fear, guilt, anger, worry, uninspired, sadness, nervousness, etc. Find your vision & action steps for success.  Solutions for a fast-paced life.

VIP Ayurveda™ Wellness

VIP Ayurveda — gain the royal health you deserve. Experience unique half-day seminars limited to just 10 people for personal, VIP attention. Swami guides each person to their personal dosha foods, herbs, aromas, and more. Focus is on some of the quickest wellness changes client’s report: Stress, emotional health, Bone Health, Sugar Level wellness, Female reproductive monthly cycle & post cycle Bonus: Breakouts — apply the meditation to your personal/career challenges for instant release. Return home a transformed person. Bonus: Guided Meditation Details

Living in Joy

Joy is the core need of business today. Joy inspires vision and passion and action to achieve your visions. Joy inspires and communicates your vision to your team and your clients. Joy attracts your best team and clients 1-Hour, Half-day, & full-day seminars/breakouts; transform your team through Swamii’s unique 3-step process: 1. clear stress blocks 2. clearly envision 3. clear action steps


Swami has been invited to give Ayurveda seminars throughout the world for more than 30+ years. He has presented to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy, John’s Hopkins University, and international medical schools. Swami offers events for Beginner Meditation (with advance results), and Joyful/Stress-Management seminars and breakouts for entrepreneurs, companies, and colleges. Speaking Credentials Toastmaster, ACG, ALS Certified Convention Speaker certified convention speaker logo 200 Inquiries & Bookings

#1 Best-selling author

Swami’s first book, the Ayurveda Encyclopedia was an Amazon #1 bestseller with more than 30,000 copies in print. To date he has written 5 books including, 21 Days of Joy, Ayurveda Primer, Bhagavad Gita for Modern Times, and the Stress-Free College Student [listed on Bryant University’s Pinterest page next to the Top Books that Changed the World] Visit the Orange Cowboy Shop
Swami holding his books Orange Cowboy