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Shaman Nature Adventures

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    Swamiji discussing his “You Life Movie” seminar
    Dissolving Limiting Patterns for Living Happily Ever Life & Career

    Renew ~ Re-Connect ~ Achieve

    Shaman Nature Adventures

    City dwellers — take a day trip or weekend getaway — have fun and become refreshed, better able to deal with daily life, and gain tools to follow and achieve your dreams. Couples & Families

    Beginner Meditation Course

    Connect with the greater spirit of nature & play indigenous games that help you feel connected, creative, inventive, and joyful. Develop leadership & communication skills in the process.

    Mediumship/ Channeling Events

    Easily & Naturally enhance Visionary Leadership & Communication Skills through Shamanic Transformational Games

    About Swamiji

    Compassion, Love & Joy —

    Swami feels these are the cornerstones to health, wealth, enlightenment & world peace. And he shares new channeled information we can use to build such a divine people and world.

    He has presented to the White House alternative medicine commission, wrote an Amazon #1 bestseller, The Ayurveda Encyclopedia, and presents to international medical colleges including Johns Hopkins U.

    He was recognized as a monk by his guru, Swami Narayan Tirtha, in the Himalayas in 1990. And was recognized as a natural-born shaman by shamans in the Amazon Rainforest. Swami was also born with intuitive/mediumship gifts. He is certifed as a Medium through Lisa Williams school.

       Shaman Nature Adventures

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    Mediumship Testimonials

    It was amazing.  He confirmed without a doubt he has connected with 7 of my family members.  It was so nice to know that I am surrounded by so much love…The session left me feeling I was well loved and would have guidance from many family.


    You saw my husband’s mustang cars – the love of his life before he met me.


    - New Jersey

    You connected with Saint Therese, the Little Flower by a tree in a garden; you gave me messages through her. When I was a child I sat in that garden by that tree daily and talked with her. I’m grateful and speechless.


    - New Jersey

    You got my father/mother/cat — no one has ever connected with him. Thank you.

    Many people

    Initially I didn’t agree when you told me about my mother playing a large stringed musical instrument. But when I asked her, she confirmed she used to play a sitar. [Very unusual for an American with no connection to India to play a sitar 30+ years ago]


    My son was seeing a spirit in our living room. You confirmed who it was with undeniable evidence. The message he shared through you helped my son calm down.


    When you described my aunt in a checkered apron and swaying, I told you that was incorrect. But then I spoke with her sister who confirmed everything you said. She says you are the real deal.


    I asked you to talk to our pregnant pony to find out when she was going to deliver because she was not delivering. You said you saw the deliver between Sept 15th & 17th – about two weeks away. She delivered today, Sept 16th. Amazingly accurate – you nailed it.


    Where do I start… (since my session) Archangel Ezekiel continues to work through me… as a result I find myself definitely closer to God…Jesus came through and spoke with me directly on Monday. So grateful and thankful to you.


    Meditation Testimonials

    I did not know how to meditate or if what I was doing was correct. Taking the class taught me yo udon’t have to do it like everyone else. Everyone has their own style. Swami was kind, funny and not what I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed the class from start to finish.

    Jeannie Rader

    Baltimore MD - July 8, 2017

    Swami was wonderful

    - LilyDale course participant. July 8, 2017

    Loved Swami! Very easy to listen to & learned so much! Loved the presentation!! Lots of energy — hands-on — learned a new skill in an easy way.

    - LilyDale course participant. July 8, 2017

    I could listen & talk to Swami all day!! — Thank you

    - LilyDale course participant. July 8, 2017

    He offered understanding of subject and peace.

    - LilyDale course participant. July 8, 2017

    Easily understandable with practical applications

    - Oct. 2016

    I thought everything was great

    - Oct. 2016

    This course dispelled preconceived notions about what meditation is

    - Oct. 2016

    Very relaxing & interactive

    - Oct. 2016

    Helped me decide what works best for me

    - Oct. 2016

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