Wellness – Ayurveda & Energy work 

Swami S. Tirtha is a #1 bestselling author who has presented to White House Commission on alternative medicine.


His speaking clients include top medical universities including Johns Hopkins.


Swami has taught wellness & consciousness for 4+ decades.

Swami's Training

Radio/TV/Film – undergraduate 1972-1975 

Trained teaching meditation & yoga 1976

Ayurveda certification 1989

Recognized as swami (monk) in the Himalayas by his Guru (Swami Narayan Tirtha) — 1990

Dr. of Science (D.Sc.) Ayurveda Research — 1999 
Ayurveda Diploma DSc

Recognized as born shaman & healer by Shamans in the Amazon rainforest — 2009 

Certified Advanced Psychic Medium — 2016   

DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster  2018   Toastmasters Logo



Swami's Milestones

The Stress-Free College Student

This is more like Pinterest-on-Paper – less reading and more images and stories that allow the reader to experience de-stressing instantly.
Bryant University lists this book along side their Pinterest “50 Books that Changed the World”

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Ayurveda Primer

The easy way to understand this wellness system. Tailored suggestions for each person. Nurtures & loves you back to balance & wellness. Included: the most commonly asked questions, easy meditation exercises, constitution test & personal food plans, colors, aromas, massage; pet therapy; scientific studies & case studies; more.

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Over the next 18 years I taught meditation, yoga, & pioneered USA Ayurveda wellness.

I opened an Ayurveda wellness center, herbal product line, and certification school. And spent 6 years writing the Ayurveda Encyclopedia.

During that time I was drawn to India and met my Guru who recognized me as a monk (swami) and I felt more connected with life than ever before.