Development Circle

Instant Energy & Healing through the Heart Development Circle

Sat.  Jan. 7th 10-11:30am@ Green Earth4 Market St. Oneonta NY

Back by popular demand!

This is a reboot of our very well attended development circle from back around 2011 with all the new download information available for today.

Mission:1. Help everyone realize they are psychic/intuitive and allow them to develop their abilities.2. Help healers & mediums realize and develop their gifts.

Process:We go around the room, 1 person at a time. Each one shares something they would like to address — from health to romance, career, to spiritual development. Then the group takes a minute of silence, sending that person their energy healings/blessings.

Afterwards we go around the room sharing what we got saw/heard/felt. Finally that person shares what they felt during the session — did they get an insight/healing etc.

It is a very profound, moving event.

Join us for this 2x monthly circle; the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month beginning February. This Jan we launch with 1 event just to kick off the year.

This is a family-friendly event – children are welcome when accompanied by their parents or guardian.

Development Circle is a donation-based event. Pay what you feel from your heart.

Sat.  Jan. 7th 10-11:30a@ Green Earth4 Market St. Oneonta NY

Looking forward to seeing you there.