Beginner Meditation Course in Your Neighborhood Beginner Meditation Course in Your Neighborhood

Beginner Meditation Course in Your Neighborhood

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in your neighborhood

Everyone Can Meditate!

Dispelling Meditation Myths

I can't stop my thoughts to meditate

You can meditate successfully, enjoyably and gain calm, energy, & focus even with thoughts in your head

I don't have time to meditate

I discovered a new way to meditate at work or with family

There is so much light and love available to us in this new Golden Era.

How can meditation help me?

Meditation Research: reducing stress increases health, longevity, feeling happier, creativity

How can meditation help my career?

Business Research:  happier, healthier, more creative & intuitive people have more rewarding careers (emotionally & financially)

How can meditation help my family?

The above benefits allow even children to think for themselves, trust their intuition, and have greater self-love.

Have more peace of mind — your family can take care of themselves

What Happens in this Meditation Course?

I  share the various forms of this instant meditation

We break into smaller groups to practice

I share more active  forms of the method to use at work, while driving or with family.

Will I be able to meditate in my life after this course?

You should see just how easy it is to experience results from taking this beginner meditation course in your neighborhood

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