Group Mediumship Events Group Mediumship Events

Group Mediumship Events

What are Group Mediumship Events?

Some people know this as Platform Mediumship or Gallery Readings. Both have confused me as I couldn't understand what people were doing in a gallery or standing on a platform.

So I chose to simply call it what it is — a group of people at a mediumship event.

What Happens During an Event?

The goal in a group setting is for me is to connection & share a message.

First I connect with a departed loved one (including pets) or an angel that shares specific information that only you could know — confirming I've established a connection.

Then, once you confirm I'm connected then I share their message.

 Messages vary. They could share their love, ask you to not feel guilty, tell you they are with you always, that you are going in the right direction — virtually any message that relates to your present and future.

When we get such proof of connection and a loving message hearts heal; lives change forever.

Why people come for mediumship readings

Everyone comes for their own personal reason.

When people hear from a loved one their hearts can heal from any grief, guilt, or doubts related to that person's passing.

With a fresh heart, they can then make a new life for themselves.

If Angels, Guides, & Masters come through they offer insights into our life meaning & direction.

This is a life-changing experience.

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Arrange a Group Mediumship experience at your upcoming occasion/celebration (eg, Events, Home Parties, Churches, Spiritual Camps, Yoga Studios)

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