Instant Energy & Healing through the Heart Meditation Instant Energy & Healing through the Heart Meditation

Instant Energy & Healing through the Heart Meditation

Beginner's Meditation Courses

Are you one of the many who say, "I can't meditate; I can't stop thinking; I can't sit still" ?

You are not alone & I have taken my 40 years of teaching meditation and distilled it into an easy & quick method that gives advanced results!

Everyone Can Meditate!

Beginners' Meditation with Advanced Results


Who Does Meditation Help?

* Parents who have stress from work, or working more than 1 job

* Children who have stress from studying for school or college

* Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners...well they have stress oodles of stress

* Psychic Mediums — deepening & hastening their connection

How Does Meditation Help Me?

Research shows Meditation helps with:
Mental Focus
Improved Health
Increased Memory
Greater Productivity
Increased Creativity
Finding More Life Purpose

And this promotes:

Healthier families
Enhanced quality of life
More quality family time
Happier, more active days
Increased self-worth and 'can-do' belief in self
More effective, productive, meaningful & lucrative careers

See calendar of Beginner's Meditation Courses (online & in your area)

Beginner's Meditation Course Testimonials

Easily understandable with practical applications
Loved the bowls - very calming & centering
I thought everything was great

Very relaxing, interactive
Christopher B

Dispelled preconceived notions
Helped me meditate
Helped me decide what way works best for me

Relaxing while stimulating

Belief that life is positive and miracles occur thoughts to explore about energy vs matter
Safe environment for sharing, experimenting. The three hours flew by

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