Mediumship: Trance/Evidential

Mediumship: Trance/Evidential

Psychic Mediumship: Gift or Curse

When I was a child, around 2nd or 3rd grade I began getting dreams how many different sets of parents were telling me they were my parents.

Needless to say this was disturbing.

Then about 8 years later the dreams changed. The US was in the Vietnam war and I was in high school. Now the dream was I was a soldier returning home from the war only to find my parents moved and didn’t tell me where they were.

Again — disturbing dreams.

In 12th grade, taking driver’s ed. the dreams shifted again. This time I was driving our car and the brakes would not work.
This was so upsetting I actually told my parents. The brakes were checked and the car was fine.
But then I had a waking vision of my parents dying in a car accident.
Within the next year the dreams and vision came true.

Psychic Mediumship was not a gift to me because I could do nothing to prevent it.
It felt like a curse and I shut it out of my life.

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Discovering Meditation & Natural Healing

Over the next 40 years I discovered meditation and yoga from India, and also India’s systems of healing (Ayurveda), astrology (Jyotish), and feng shui (Vastu).
Now that I had ways to help people, I began to allow myself to use my intuition again because I could help people heal.


Discovering Shamanic Energy Healing

The next big life change for me was in 2010 visiting Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest where two shaman told me I was a natural-born shaman and healer.
During ceremony spirit showed me something I call ‘Heart Healing’ and when I returned home I began offering this to friends and clients.
Where Ayurveda helped people faster than anything else I knew of (people began feeling better in 1-3 days), with Heart-based energy clients were healing in just one session.


Finding Advanced Mediumship

It was in June of 2016 that I received 3 omens culminating with the message it was now time and I could dive deeper into Mediumship.

For the first time I realized just how healing mediumship is and how much I needed to delve deeper — as if it was oxygen and I was oxygen deprived.

I immersed myself, studying with some of the very best mediums from the most respected schools Lily Dale (USA) and Arthur Findlay College (UK) and began offering personal and group mediumship sessions that were full of energy healing.

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Coming Full Circle: Instant Energy & Healing through the Heart

Now, about 60 years since I first remember receiving contact with spirit, I can fully devote myself to the energy healing that is mediumship, trance mediumship, and healing trance mediumship.

For me this is only possible by remaining ever focused — in life & while working with clients — in the core of my heart.


My daily life is focused in prayer and meditation so I am always growing deeper in heart connection with spirit so that I may grow ever closer to God, humans, animals, and nature and help bring about the new golden age of  global peace, health, wealth, education and equality.  

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What you can experience during a mediumship session

  • loved ones and experience that there really is life after death

  • angels & masters who help guide your spiritual and purposeful life on this earth

  • angels & masters who help guide your mind-body-spirit health on this earth

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Swamiji offers group sessions and 1-on-1 sessions: 

  • Evidential mediumship 

  • Beginner’s meditation (with advanced results): Everyone Can Meditate!

  • Find your spirit guide

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Swamiji is a monk who offers spiritual insights.
Readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are not intended to replace medical, financial, or psychological advice.
Everyone is expected to exercise their free will and common sense during and after readings.