Beginner Meditation Course

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Beginner Meditation Course

Instant Energy & Healing through the Heart
Beginner Meditation Course — Local/Online

In this course you will find:
~ easy meditation — results in minutes!
~ meditate anywhere/time; quiet/active; 1 minute — 1 hour.
~ Swamiji’s 40 years teaching simple/advanced results.
~ Research: meditation brings calm, focus, energy, clarity, memory, & wellness.
~ For stressed students & adults.
~ Join Swamiji — have fun — more ease & joy.

Swamiji teaching beginner mediation course at Lily Dale, NY

The moment I walked into your class I felt clarity. Within the first hour I felt a shift that was simple and easy, realizing we all have this quick easy access to heal. With a few succinct words the group was healing. I was receiving messages and by the end of class my group had a shift in consciousness…Miracles and I even got an invitation for dinner from a family member that barely spoke to me for years. Truly miraculous. 
 I shared your Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath Meditation CD with a client this morning and taught her the instant healing you taught us in class. My session lasted 15 min instead of 45 because of what you taught. We both felt the healing and I was able to spend more time channeling her grandma. 
I am so grateful to know you. Thank you for all that you are and all that you are sharing. 
Maribeth Morrissey

Intuitive Medium, - July 26, 2017 216-288-1904

I did not know how to meditate or if what I was doing was correct. Taking the class taught me yo udon’t have to do it like everyone else. Everyone has their own style. Swami was kind, funny and not what I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed the class from start to finish.
Jeannie Rader

Baltimore MD - July 8, 2017

Swami was wonderful

- July 8, 2017

Loved Swami! Very easy to listen to & learned so much! Loved the presentation!! Lots of energy — hands-on — learned a new skill in an easy way.

- July 8, 2017

He offered understanding of subject and peace.

- July 8, 2017

I could listen and talk to Swami all day!! — Thank you

- July 8, 2017

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