Swami’s Speaker Reel

Selected Video Interviews

Danette Kubanda interviews Swami

Mitchell Levy, the ‘Aha Guy’ interviews Swami

KAren Swain interviews Swami – Instant Manifestation and Healing  

Luci McMonagle interviews Swami

Liberty Forest How to find hope in the darkest of times

Joy for Conscious Throught Leaders — TV & Radio Interviews

Judi Glova interviews Swami

Swami shares how Joy is at the core of successful Thought Leaders

Musings, Magic, & Meditations TV show with Jessica Sutherland. Interviewing Swami about the Eagle-Condor Prophecy

Georgian Benta interviews Swami about the very real-world value of living in Gratitude, on his Gratitude Podcast 

Emily Harrison of Akashic Academy interviews Swami about Visionary Leadership 

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  • Presented to White House alt-med commission
  • #1 best-selling author
  • 4+ decades meditation & yoga guide
  • 3 decades spiritual guide (monk)
  • 3+ decades teaching Ayurveda Wellness
  • 2 decades teaching Energy Wellness
  • Member: Evolutionary Business Council
  • Toastmaster: ACG, ALS