Shaman 5 Day Workshop: Alignment & Transformational Experience

Shaman 5 Day Workshop

Discover how to Align with Nature & Transform Your Personal, Professional, Relationship & Spiritual Life

Courses can be offered consecutively, weekly, or biweekly.

1. Shamanic Journey – Soul Retrieval

Do you have traumatic events from your life (or past lives) preventing full heart-based relationships or living your dreams? Do you wish to launch or expand your career?


Indigenous shamans the world over inform us that we cannot reach our divine lives until we retrieve pieces of our soul that were lost in past traumas.

Swamiji journeys with each student helping erase/rewrite the event so it became a pleasant outcome memory and retrieve that piece of your soul.


Others will journey for a future vision for the next chapter of your life/career


The goal of this course is is a clear heart to envision your calling and blossom an even more rewarding or meaningful life.


Guided visualization journeys into the past, present (higher dimension) and future will help you have more rewarding relationships and meaningful career in this dawn of the new Age of Celebration.


Discover yourself and live your personal dreams of peace, paradise, compassion, wisdom & joy.


This course is for you if you feel the need to make your soul whole again, or if whole, wish to move forward to attain your dreams and visions.


Class 1: 3 hours 9am – Noon

2. Finding Your Animal Totem for Healing & Guidance

An Animal Totem is our main animal guide who helps us improve our health and have more rewarding relationships and career. In this isolating society, totems help us feel more connected to ourselves, nature, and nature spirits.


Nature connection enhances our personal inner spiritual journey, psychic mediumship, and wisdom.


Learn to move the rain clouds away and make the sun shine. Part of the course will be indoors practicing guided visualization exercises and part of the course will be out in nature.


This course is for you if you want to feel a deeper love connection with all of Mother Nature including human relationships.


When we align with nature our life unfolds more easily and joyfully; alignment is following the Law of Attraction and opportunities drop into our laps.


At the end of this course you should feel more a part of nature, feel more in the flow of life, more calm and a part of nature’s family; and feel greater self-love, compassion, joy, and ecstasy in your life.


Class 2: 3 hours 9am – Noon

3. Shapeshifting (Shamanic Trance Mediumship)

Imagine feeling your aura energy becomes an eagle to see a bigger picture, or merge with a nature spirit who inspires you to health or insight.


Welcome to the magical world of ShapeShifting for beginners. The benefits include greater health, energy, and insight to achieve your dreams and help the world. Welcome to Shamanic Trance Mediumship.

Guided visualizations help you see & meld with animals, gnomes, fairies, wood spirits and more. Ancient shamans who lived in holy spots and vortexes all over the world still live there in spirit.

Learn to connect with them so when you return home you can find and talk with those who live in your area.


Become earth stewards and help guide the spirit of humanity’s heart. Many are awakening, feeling called to help usher in the Age of Celebration. This course fulfills that need. Experience guided visualization exercises in class and out in nature.

This course is for you if you are interested in connecting with Mother Earth for healing, wisdom, love & joy.


The goal of this course is to use shapeshifting to help you find solutions to your challenges of health, relationship, and career; and gaining insights for greater life purpose.


At the end of this course students will go home with tools to transform their lives by spending time in nature and shapeshifting.


These tools are designed to help you feel greater self-love, compassion, joy, and ecstasy in your life.


Class 3: 3 hours 9am – Noon

4. Galactic Channeling: Returning Home —Reconnecting with our Star Ancestors

Do you feel an unexplainably strong heart connection with the stars, like you are from another planet?

Indigenous stories the world over tell us we are the children of advanced races that live in other areas of our galaxy.

This Shamanic astrological mediumship course helps connect you to your galactic ancestors. The past three courses dealt with Mother Earth-based healing and evolving.

This course focus is on healing and growing our soul through connecting with Father Sky. Enjoy exercises to receive messages of your joyful purpose in his new Celebration Age.

We review ‘origin’ belief similarities among ancient cultures. Experience a guided visualization— shamanic mediumship exercise to connect you to our highly evolved ancestral beings such as Pleiadians and Arcturians.

Replace feelings of loneliness with joy of reuniting and awaken receptivity of new information. Release the chains of sadness— live more in joy (which also helps our planet evolve) into the new Age of Celebration — a state of peace, paradise, wellness, wisdom, joy, & spiritual ecstasy.

The goal of this course is to feel a deeper connection with our soul and our spirit families on earth and the cosmos, resulting in downloading new information for personal and global enlightenment. 

This course is for those wanting to awaken their connection to our cosmic family & grow their soul’s purpose. Students return home from this course with a greater awareness of their cosmic ancestors how to connect with them through shamanic mediumship.

Feel more connected, healthy, purposeful, joyful, and ecstatic.

Class 4: 3 hours — starts at sunset

 5. Celebration Ritual

As we enter the 5th year of the new Age of Celebration on this planet we are awakening to the idea that this is an age where we can live a joyous, even ecstatic life. Celebration is considered one of life’s ‘needs’ (along with belonging, freedom, intimacy, security, and sustenance).


Celebration activates, empowers and propels of the earlier shamanic course workshops; our new connections with nature, nature spirits, animal totems, and our connection with our galactic ancestors — honoring Mother Earth & Father Sky — bringing major healing and awakening of our divine lives.


Bring your picnic dinner and music instruments (drums, flutes, rattles, even large bottles and drum on the tops). A bonfire lighting will honor the ancestors and invite them to our celebration.


We’ll share experiences from the four shamanic workshops and eat (optional bring picnic dinner). Next up, a guided music/dance  journey of gratitude followed by a discussion of where each of us feels we are heading with our new healings & awakenings.


We end with a joyful music/dance journey with the intention of rising into ecstatic dance experienced by the ancient Whirling Dervishes.


This course is for everyone wishing to give thanks and share joy among the families of mankind, and the spirits of Mother Earth & Father Sky.  

The goal of this course is to feel healed, awakened, connected and go home living looking for ways to celebrate life every day. This is all that is asked of us to help bring world peace, health, equality, & joy.


Class 5: 3 hours — starts at sunset



Swami Tirtha has presented to the White House Alternative Medicine Commission and to medical universities around the world including Johns Hopkins. He wrote several books including an Amazon #1 bestseller in its category, the Ayurveda Encyclopedia. He was recognized as a monk (swami) by his heart/energy (kundalini shakti) Guru in the Himalayas, and recognized as a natural-born shaman by two shamans in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. He has also been connected with spirit since birth and is an internationally recognized workshop presenter. He is a certified Advanced Psychic Medium.

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