VIP Ayurveda Seminars

VIP Ayurveda Orange Cowboy

A Master Class system designed to take you through all levels of life you want

VIP Ayurveda Orange Cowboy

VIP Ayurveda™ Wellness System Seminars

What You Get in Your Level 1: Red Lotus Class

Four-hour Intensive Event 
10 people maximum for personal attention
Learn Your Dosha (Constitution)
Ayurveda Dosha Analysis Technology *
Learn Your Dosha Food Plan
Learn Your Dosha Lifestyles
Learn Your Ayurvedic Herbs
Ayurvedic Aromatherapy
Ayurvedic Colortherapy

~ Your Personal Ayurvedic Mantra
~ How to Meditate e-book by Swami Tirtha with Robert Clancy
~ 1 Month VIP Guest in Joy Mastermind
~ 10, 20, & 30 min guided restful meditation MP3 audios

About the Course

4 Hours of Intense Wellness
For You!

 Over the past 3 decades many moms, children, professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, musicians, have told me my Ayurvedic methods have helped them successfully find wellness and rejuvenation through gentle, nurturing Ayurveda.

I have found a success pattern — some situations have  found near-instant improvement. These seminars focus on education of these topics
Mental/Emotional Stress [in all its forms (eg, grief, anger, fear, depression, worry, etc.)]

These workshops are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or heal any condition. For all health-related matters you are advised to consult health practitioners.

 Rank: Red Lotus
4-hour group seminar
$369.00 per person online (20 person max)
$569.00 per person in-person event 
10 people maximum

Ayurveda Training Level 1

  • Discover your dosha (constitution)
  • Find which foods heal, prevent, and rejuvenate your mind & body according to Ayurveda.
Learn MorE

Reviewing the results of following your dosha food plan. Then introduction to Ayurvedic herbs for your dosha 

Reviewing your Ayurvedic food & herb results. Then discussing Ayurvedic Colors, Gems, & Aroma Therapies 

Reviewing your past results with your Ayurvedic lifestyle. Then Introduction to Ayurvedic & Dosha Mantras.

Bonus: Introduction to Swami’s Instant Meditation Seminar. Learn instant meditation and apply it to your biggest life challenge to see results during the seminar.

Reviewing your past results. Then intro to Ayurveda Self-Massage. We will cover location and styles of self-massage for each dosha.

Bonus: Shamanic Nature Healing. Connecting with Your Animal Totem for your greater integration with nature for enhanced wellness. 

Ayurveda Psychology – discover your Mental Dosha, and how to understand each mental dosha personality so you are more accepting of yourself and others. Improve family and career relationships.

Bonus: Swami’s Instant Mental Pattern Release. See limiting beliefs and expectations that cause you stress, fear, worry, anger, blame, guilt, etc. vanish in mere seconds! Transform our life instantly!

Ayurvedic Yoga – Begin yoga poses according to your dosha. Feel your harmony and balance begin to gel during the seminar.

Bonus: Swami’s Instant Energy Flow – Movement Course. Introducing a new form of channelling energy that is needed for you at this very moment. Feel instant energy, release of stiff areas that may have been habitually closed for years or lifetimes.  

Ayurveda Training Level 2

Swami has channeled this workshop for the needs of today, for building the future Age of Joy. This seminar covers various forms of harmonizing time in your lives, including

  • Spiritual Time Management (flow & energy)
  • Divine Prioritizing (intuitive and empathic energy)
  • Time/No-Time Integration – learn how to step out of the rush of past/future time and live in the present

This seminar shares the tools and experience to become a better manager of your personal and career life – through how you delegate and manage your time alone and with others.

This seminar helps you connect with your soul, and your purpose for being on the planet at this time.

Discover how to integrate

  • heart and mind
  • inner focus with outer actions
  • aligning (letting go) & action in divine structure

This seminar shares the tools and experience to better able to manage your personal and career aspects of your life, and take action toward achieving your dreams & visions. 

This seminar helps you feel

  • more grounded & connected with nature
  • gain more joy from nature
  • more focused, clearer thinking and more aligned decision making

This course gives you the tools and practice to make better life and career decisions, more quickly, naturally, and life flows more joyfully.

This seminar helps you awaken/deepen your intuition whatever stage of intuition you are at, and integrate your intuition with your thoughts and beliefs.

Discover how to determine which thoughts and feelings are beneficial and which lead you astray.

Find how to use your intuition to better lead your family & career visions for your smoothest, easiest success.

In this final seminar we bring it all together by connecting with our angels, guides, intuition (whatever you call that which is greater than you).

Discover how to replace self/other blame & mistakes for being a direct channel of spirit.

Experience becoming a true visionary, clear, confident, enhanced empathy and conviction.

Find yourself living more often and more fully in your joy even as you allow divine revelation to guide your thoughts, words, and actions.

Truly live in peace, paradise, & joy as you create more of the same for your family, career, and the global community.

Feel at one with divinity, the cosmos, humanity, and mother earth throughout your day.

Awaken to channeled messages just for you to unveil in the world, offering new solutions never seen before, and have the greatest impact on all levels of humanity.     

These workshops are for educational purposes only.
They are not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or heal any condition.
For all health-related matters you are advised to consult health practitioners.